Throwback Thursday + Throwback Thursday = Double Feature Friday…

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Garage Talk

Trikspeed. Remember those guys? Although you still see the “neo chrome” decals lurking on the remaining respective members vehicles there once was a point in time where you could not attend any type of honda import meet/gathering and not hear or see the  crews name, for good reason the main being that their name just seemed to be synonymous with unique, which every car that is/has been affiliated with the team has brought some type of uniqueness to their group.

Today I bring you two products of the trikspeed crew that help exemplify what I mean when I say  every member’s car was very unique & well built, LoL DB8 and Spriggan’s JDM front integras.


– LoL – db8

These two integra’s shared the same front end and dawned like crew decals but after that the similarities seem almost non existent to the point were I viewed them as yin and yang. Whether you favored coupes over sedan’s, “overly” aggressive versus subtle or maybe just had a color preference, one of these two cars could definitely help cater to whatever your wishes or desire maybe.

On one hand you had Terry’s VSM DC2, one most may consider sleek adorning a set of classic 18″ racing hart c2’s, dispelling that a wheel of that size can be pulled off and look proper as ever which was served up on a five lug conversion. Keeping with the “hardly seen” thought it also sported a feel’s front air dam which was finished off with a set of oem optional side skirts & rear valences.

The interior of the car was full of all sorts of small & tasteful pieces from an ITR gauge cluster, delete tray and kei office steering wheel (isn’t often seen in the honda/acura scene) that helped craft it into a very classy cock pit which was topped off by a set of Bride Zeta iii bucket seats and takata four point harness’ for safe measure.

This sleek dc2 was powered by a not so subtle gs-r motor, the high compression block was rebuilt by the guys over at golden eagle, it sported a head that featured Toda cams along with a port and polish along with some other work done to it. This car was also one of the more notable ones that I remember sporting a set of ITB’s before the craze set in on them. Terry’s car was not only a looker but one that from reading about the mods seemed like it’d be a blast to drive!

My favorite shot of his car.

So now that you’ve had the chance to refamiliarize yourself with the Spriggan’s integra which I’ll refer to as “yin” now it is time to meet it’s opposite from the trikspeed crew, “yang.”

At first glance it’s relatively easy to see the two are extreme opposites, – LoL Db8 -‘s integra was very BOOM! in your face, hell to this day I’ve still yet to decide if I truly do like the car but I can appreciate all the time, work and money that the owner, Dennis put into his build.

So where do I start with this this car? Do we start with the C-West lip kit? The carbon fiber hood & trunkl? ARC winglets? J’s racing fender flares? spoon mirrors? rear diffuser? mugen tailgate fastners? or maybe the z-spec front and rear canard setup? (yes, rear canards.) That’s kind of what I mean by the BOOM in your face factor this car exhibits, it’s just honestly a car that is a lot to take in I mean you could probably walk past the car a few times at a meet back in the day and find yourself saying ” damn I didn’t realize it had _______ on it”  and it was one I felt was was definitely unique in that manner. One thing I did love about this car was the wheel choice, I mean honestly how many times can you recall seeing a set of HRE’s on a honda?

and the mindfuck continues…

His interior is possibly one of my favorites and I could sum it up with one word: mugen. I don’t know why but ever since first getting into this scene I’ve been a fan of a lot of the parts that they have produced and It’d be safe to say that the owner of this particular integra was a fan of Mugen as well. Sporting a pair of beautiful S1R buckets, with matching mugen rails, a suede racing iii wheel, knob & pedal setup, ecu stay, gauge cluster (with spa tachometer) & even the door sill plates! Of course you also see there’s other parts going on within the car such as the autopower four point roll bar, willans safety harness’ along with some other goods to create possibly one of my favorite interiors of all time.

and finally we make our way to the engine bay where you’ll be greeted immediately by a K24 with an RBC intake manifold attached. Look further and you’ll notice the wire harness & brake lines have been tucked away. The bay also boasts a ARC oil cooler (as seen through the grill), Visteon full radiator, AEM fuel rail, Samco rad hoses a J’s engine torque damper and of course the mustard yellow mugen oil filter amongst other little details & and additions which continue to hit you in the face along with the rest of the car.


After going through each car it’s fairly easy to see you truly had the best of both worlds at one point within trikspeed and it’s easy to see why each of them graced the covers of various import magazines I mean they really are pieces of art and the definition of a classic build in my opinion. Whether you wanted a K swapped track inspired sedan or a sleek Gs-R that could perform just as good as it looked there was definitely a car for everyone and thats why I will always remember the two integras of trikspeed as yin & yang.

Before I cut out, I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all you RG readers! I’ve been busy getting into the spirit with the family, work & other things going on so the blog got kind of put on the back burner for a second but hopefully this double makes up for my two late post. I’ll be back tomorrow to post some details on Sunday’s NW Toy Run so come back tomorrow evening to check that out! Hope to see some of you guys out and about this weekend! Until next time…

Keep Shinin’ Northwest!
– Justin

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